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Old Town Farm Calls for Bike in Zoning

Linda Thorne and Lanny Tonning have a proposal for Albuquerque: Create a new kind of zoning to encourage business development aimed at bicyclists.

But what began as an effort to boost an already thriving recreational scene has raised questions about the unintended consequences of bike-centric commerce…read more


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Abq Journal Watch

Blog post comparing the New Mexico Compass’s coverage of the march against Monsanto compared to the Journal’s.

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stAmerica/Denverp31. 8, 2014 · 1:10 pm.07.

Burqueños March Against Monsanto

Photo Essay



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GMO Debates

Southern New Mexico Farmer Talks GMOs

RJF Farms has been in the Franzoy family for four generations, and in that time, a lot has changed. The farm, with property in both Hatch and Las Cruces, N.M., grows between 800 and 1,200 acres of pecans, onions, chile, corn, hay, wheat and cotton. When genetically modified seeds began hitting the market in the early 2000s, Ronnie Franzoy jumped at the chance to try something new to increase his profit. This year, he says, about one-third of the crops he planted come from genetically modified seeds…read more

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Election Day

Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District

The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District oversees dams, levees and ditches along 150 miles from Cochiti Reservoir to the Bosque del Apache. Although the District’s primary mission is protecting water rights for farmers and ensuring equitable distribution of resources, it also promotes recreation and nature exploration along the river’s banks…more

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Milk of kindness

Breast milk donation center allows lactating moms to help at-risk babies

While Dar a Luz offers prenatal classes and alternative birthing options, its newest service was initiated early this month: On April 3, the center opened the first breast milk depot in New Mexico equipped with materials to collect donated milk… read more

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Media Hungry

What I consume and when I consume it. (Or, where I get my news)

New York Times continuously throughout the day, as my home page this site is refreshed often.

Al Jazeera-  2-3 times a day, depending on the day. After getting the basic western-centric stories from the Times, I move on to other sources to absorb the views of the rest of the world.

Pro Publica once a day. I shoot over to Pro Publica when I have time to really focus on a story. It’s my favorite site for in-depth pieces on an issue.

Feministing.comcontinuously throughout the day. I love this site for an opinionated take on issues that effect women and other minorities (racial or sexual orientation). They often bring my focus to a particular event and then I can dig deeper into it on other sites.

New Yorker- once a week or every other week. Curling up with the long-form pieces in the New Yorker is one of my favorite pastimes. A friend recently gifted me almost 8 months worth of issues and while the time has passed for some articles, others remain startlingly relevant.

Mother Jones 2-3 times a day. The humor, compassion and straight-up talk delivered by the writers of Mother Jones makes it one of my favorite sources for investigative news.

On The Mediaevery Thursday night. Thursday night is my favorite night of the week because that’s when I can listen to this podcast that so neatly dissects news stories, phenonmenons, tools, and more. Seriously, cannot say enough good things about it.

This American Life about once a week. Because it makes me happy and I love Ira Glass’s voice.

Radiolababout once a week. Like This American Life, except about science. For non-scientists.

Albuquerque Journalinfrequently, but with great enthusiasm. I don’t pick this paper up as much as I should but I do like it for being the biggest paper in New Mexico.

Weekly Alibi every week. I still enjoy the Alibi, though it makes me sad that they no longer publish news. I like the crossword puzzles.

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